The need:

Mineral scaling (covering of surfaces by mineral deposits) is a potentially serious problem in membrane-based desalination systems that can reduce recoveries, increase downtime and scale control chemical usage. Increasing recovery is one of the main challenges membrane-based desalination plants are facing today. Such an increase would be reflected in lower desalination costs and could serve as an engine to desalination market expansion and for the establishment of additional new membrane-based applications, which are not economically viable nowadays. The main obstacle preventing additional increase in recovery rates is the precipitation of sparingly soluble salts on membrane surface caused by pushing the salt concentration in the concentrate solution above saturation. This mineral scaling leads to membrane plugging and other numerous operational issues. Mineral scaling is an even larger problem in the larger water treatment and energy industries with scaling of water conduits and heat exchange surfaces. Early detection of onset of scaling could allow more timely and cost-effective intervention to prevent scaling and reverse its effects.

ROTEC promotes the commercialization and development of several products, for detection, monitoring and scale prevention.





To summaries, along with the Scaling prevention system for RO applications and the developed novel and breakthrough technology for scale sensing. ROTEC would like to position itself as a provider of scaling management tools for sensing, monitoring, and prevention of mineral scaling on the surface of membranes and pipes in the water treatment industry.