In light of successful results both in sensing the beginning of scaling on flat sheet surfaces, spiral-wound RO membranes and even the inner surface of pipes, and considering the huge market potential of scale sensing technology and the great interest and enthusiasm form relevant market sector. ROTEC decided to promote the development and commercialization of the following products:

Flat sheet scale sensor (figure 2)

Product description:Plug & play device for monitoring water scaling potential.

Smart pressure vessel (figure 3)

Product description: "smart" pressure housing incorporates embedded U/S sensors to signal fouling status of desalination membrane elements

Pipe scaling detector (figure 4)

Product description: Ultrasonic sensor and smart algorithm for monitoring, detection, prevention and control of pipe scaling. Harness of sensors installed on outside of existing pipe; with null detection principle, can be applied to pipe in service.


ROFull FlatFull PipeFull
ROCut2 FlatCut PipeCut
Figure 3 Figure 2 Figure 4