Scaling prevention is achieved by applying Flow Reversal (FR) technology in Reverse Osmosis (RO) desalination systems. FR is a Smart innovative and proprietary process for scale prevention on membranes surfaces, which works by periodically switching the flow direction in RO pressure vessel arrays. The frequency of switching is dictated by the time it takes for a supersaturated solution in the concentrate to grow a population of scale particles that can allow continued scale growth (denoted the "Induction Time"). By using the effectively under-saturated feed to sweep away the beginning scale particles in the concentrate before they exceed a critical size, extensive precipitation is prevented. This approach affords operating at much higher recoveries than what can be achieved with anti-scalants alone. Applying FR allow the operation of desalination plants at high recovery levels without the hazard of scaling. The technology is applicable to RO base desalination plants via Retrofit of existing desalination plants or grassroots design of new plants.

The scientific basis for the Flow Reversal technology was developed at the Ben-Gurion University, Israel by Dr. Jack Gilron and Professor Eli Korin. ROTEC holds several granted/approved and pending patent applications to protect its Flow Reversal technology.

membrane schematic