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Project Name

Shafdan wastewater reuse demo

Greenfield installation Wastewater reuse demo system (170 m3/day) in Shafdan WWTP, Israel

Project Details

Location Shafdan WWTP, Rishon-Lezion, Israel.
Client European Union - project as part of a "FP-7 consortium" that include distinguished European water companies (e.g. Veolia, Thames Water, KWR, Dow, Berlin Waser) together with Mekorot as our Israeli partner.
Water source and quality Secondary effluent, 1,200 ppm TDS, high PO4, Ca, CaCO3 content.
System capacity (feed): 180 m3/day (7 m3/h).
ROTEC's technology application Via greenfield design.
Commercial Status Commercial installation (ROTEC supplied the pilot system via rental agreement).
Status of the project: Demo unit operated from Dec-2014 till Feb 2017, performing stable operation condition at 90% with 50% less anti scalant and acid consumption, compare to parallel conventional RO