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Project Name

PUB Kranji Retrofit

Retrofit of a wastewater reuse RO system (10,920 m3/day) in Kranji wastewater plant, Singapore

Project Details

Location NEWater municipal wastewater treatment plant, Kranji, Singapore.
Client Public Utility Board (PUB), Singapore national water agency.
Water source and quality Municipal wastewater secondary effluent, 300 ppm TDS 300, high Ca + PO4 content.
System capacity (feed): 10,920 m3/day (445 m3/hr).
ROTEC's technology application Via retrofit of an existing RO system.
Commercial Status Detailed design, technology supply, construction, supervision and remote support.
Status of the project: Fully operational since Jan-2017, stable operation at 90% RR, successfully increasing recovery rate of conventional 2-stage BWRO system from 75 to 90%.